An interesting history of elevator and firm possibilities in Poland.

We have a large number of brilliant things which were invented in XIX and XX century such as electricity, personal computers, the Internet and all of the items related with constructions. Let’s take one of those things – lifts.

A lift is a common equipment which moves human beings or things between floors. In new construction places we have got a tendency to construct very large buildings, therefore lifting equipment is indispensable. The first mentions about devices which had been used to move humans in these way are


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referred to ancient Greece, however the hugepowerful lifts] which we have known were created in the XIX century and used to work under the ground. Lifting equipment started to be very common in the times of industrialisation specially in western Europe and the United States. The hydraulic crane was crated by William Armstrong in 1846 to worked in docks, nevertheless it had increased in very short time, in 1870 in the New York City was constructed the first building with offices and with passenger lifts.

Today just like in in the past lifts are used to transport humans and goods, especially the big ones, the same as with metal works Poland (for example in Gdańsk’s docks) has a large number of cranes and different lifting equipment. Cranes in Gdańsk shipyard not only are the significant form of transport, but they are as well a significant part of polish history, therefore when we write about metal works Poland is connected with business and simultaneously with tragic, nevertheless heroic history. It is a good idea to visit the European Solidarity Centre and learn much more about these events.

Apart from that Poland is well-known as a provider of a highly quality metal and lifting equipment, therefore this is an excellent place for starting up a profitable business activity and certainly a state with wide opportunities for little and huge corporations.

An elevator isn’t the finest invention in the human history, but it is very important. It will be great thing to wach what sort of equipment will be constructed in the next few years, specially in the construction area.

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